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Texas Access to Justice Foundation
Texas Access to Justice Commission
The Texas Access to Justice Foundation, created by the Supreme Court of Texas in 1984, is the largest state-based funding source for the provision of civil legal aid in Texas. The organization is committed to the vision that all Texans will have equal access to justice, regardless of their income.

The Foundation administers a variety of funding sources, which are earmarked to assist nonprofit organizations in providing legal aid to approximately 100,000 Texas families each year.

The Texas Access to Justice Commission was created in 2001 by the Supreme Court of Texas to increase access and reduce barriers to justice in civil legal matters for low-income Texans.

Today, there are more than 5.7 million Texans who qualify for civil legal aid, yet due to a lack of resources, legal aid can help only 20% of Texans who qualify for services. These are people, just like us, or perhaps similar to one of our loved ones: persons with disabilities, children, the elderly, veterans, and victims of natural disasters.

For more than a decade the Commission has developed numerous initiatives to expand access to our justice system for the most needy in our state. The Commission endeavors to raise funds that solely and directly benefit grants issued by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation.